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How Radko Ornaments are Made

The Making of a Christopher Radko Christmas Ornament

Step One - Designing a New Radko Ornament

Perpetually inspired, our seasoned Radko Artists conceptualize a design and begin to sketch. The ornament is drafted and edited on paper for several days before being digitally rendered and fully colored.

Making of a Radko Ornament Step 1

Step Two - Carving the Radko Ornament Sculpture

Once complete, the Artist's design is sent to one of Christopher Radko's exclusive factories in Europe. There, a highly-skilled carver works for hours to bring the ornament to life in 3D. Each sculpture is first done in soft clay so that it may be reviewed. Once approved by the Radko Artists, the sculpture is baked to become hard and resilient.

Making of a Radko Ornament Step 2

Step Three - Creating the Radko Ornament Mold

From the hardened sculpture, a metal mold is created using centuries-old metalworking techniques. This becomes the "Mother Mold," from which each ornament of a specific design will be created.

Making of a Radko Ornament Step 3

Step Four - Blowing the Radko Ornament

A glassblower calls upon Renaissance-era techniques to create the ornament by blowing hot tempered glass into the Mother Mold.

Making of a Radko Ornament Step 4 and 5

Step Five - Silvering the Radko Ornament

Once cooled, the ornament is injected with liquid sterling, another process done by hand. This "silvering" is part of what gives the ornaments their luminescence and sets them apart from other glass decorations.

Step Six - Painting the Radko Ornament

Over the course of several days, the ornament is painted. First, a base coat of lacquer is hand applied—the white on a snowman, for instance, or the red on a Santa. Then, second and third applications of lacquer are applied as additional colors are slowly added. Glitter, eyelashes, and other details come last.

Making of a Radko Ornament Step 6

Step Seven - Inspecting the new Radko Ornament

In the seventh and final step, ornaments are inspected to ensure that the highest standards of workmanship have been upheld. Finally, the golden Radko charm and custom-designed R-A-D-K-O ornament crown are put gently in place. Ornaments are then carefully tagged and packed before being shipped to Christopher Radko's facilities in the United States.

Making of a Radko Ornament Step 7